Insurance Coverage Disputes

Our trial attorneys are ready to go toe to toe with large insurance companies that wrongfully deny coverage for losses incurred by the individuals that they insure.

Insurance Coverage Disputes in Tampa, FL

If you are having trouble with denied claims, delayed payment, unreasonable settlement offers, or receiving service from your insurance provider or from the insurance company responsible for covering your claim in Florida, our attorneys can help you.  Florida law requires that an insurer work with its insured in good faith to resolve its covered claims.  Our attorneys at de la Parte & Gilbert have extensive experience in holding insurance companies accountable for the coverage that they promise in their property and casualty, health, life, accident, or commercial liability insurance policies.

 Many clients come to us after their legitimate claim has been wrongfully denied by their insurance company.  We are prepared to bring suit against insurance companies and aid our clients in getting the coverage they are entitled to under their policy.  If you are worried about paying more in legal fees than your claim is worth, schedule a free consultation.  In certain cases, an insurer will be ordered to pay the legal fees of an insured whose claim they have wrongfully denied.

If we can help you seek justice, please contact us as soon as possible. For assistance in insurance coverage dispute related matters, schedule a free consultation today or call 813-229-2775.

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